Poppy is a bright and cheery girl who appears in both seasons of MySims Drama.

Season !Edit

In Episode !, she is merely seen watering plants the entire episode. Her lack of activity enrages Morcubus.

In Episode @, she is the one to first question Morcubus being on the loud speaker and their presence there. She then tells of how early at the break of dawn, she went to get some flowers but when she returned inside, she realised she had brought a bee. When trying to set it free, she discovered the door to be locked. She, along with the rest of the victims eat Gino and the bee's spaghetti, enraging Morcubus.

In Episode #, she only appears to ask Violet (being controlled by Morcubus) to water plants with her. After 3 hours, Morcubus (in Violet's body) leaves out of boredom, leaving Poppy sad.


  • Violet is her sister.



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