MySims Drama is the first and as of current, only series produced by "Um What?" Entertainment.

Season !Edit

The first season is a variety of episodes which consist of Morcubus trying to torture his 9 prisoners by keeping them locked up. Soon in the season, he adds a tenth prisoner, Stephen Albright. While the second seson is in production, "lost episodes" are still being produced with unused footage, and footage filmed after the season ended.

Season IIEdit

Season II is hosted by Roland and changed the genre of the show from some sort of modern survival challenge to a game show. Thirty-two sims split into two teams compete in challenges themed after its own contestants for a chance to win §1,000,000! The season is still in production.

Season EEdit

Although the works are still in production, a third season has been announced. The genre will be a survivalist game show where to 20 teams of two will compete to survive in many different enviroments. It will be hosted by Madison Gray.

Season ♦Edit

Although it is still in planning, the heads of "Um What?" Entertainment have planned it out to be a talk show. No other information has been announced.

Season _Edit

Although it has been confirmed, no information is known about the fifth season. Rumors, however, indicate that it will likely be a sitcom.

Season 3+3Edit

Although not yet officially confirmed, rumors indicate that it is planned to go in production. Heavy hinting from the heads seem to confirm the rumor. No other information is known about who will star in the show or what it will be about.

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