Morcubus is the host and (according to him) the main star of the first season of MySims Drama. After his arrest in the season finale of the show, he turned over his position to Roland who took over the show during his sentence. He only makes guest appearences in Season II.

Season !Edit

In Episode !, Morcubus shows us what the victims are doing. After seeing that each person has been doing nothing of particular interest for three hours straight, he gets angry and commands them to do something else. At that, they all do an activity similar to their first one, causing Morcubus to become furious and sign off the show.

In Episode @, after two days, the victims have still done nothing of particular interest and declares to them that he'll begin to interfere. After watching them question their presence there, listening to Poppy's story and worrying over a bee, Morcubus becomes infuriated with them turning their situation into a party.

In Episode #, Morcubus takes control of Violet's body. It is in her body that he sees how annoying his victims are what with Poppy watering plants forever, Elmira wanting to be the star of the show and Hopper being hyper. After fleeing Violet's body he ends the episode.


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