In this episode, the victims begin to wonder why they're there.


Morcubus begins the show by warning the victims that if they don't begin doing something interesting soon, Morcubus will begin torturing them. Poppy asks who the man on the loud speaker and how they got there. Violet explains that they just woke up there 2 days ago and that there was no escape. Poppy meanwhile explains that early the first day, she got out and got flowers but when she tried to release the bee in her flowers she couldn't escape. At news of the bee, everyone freaks out except for Poppy and Gino. Apparently, the bee had been making honey-glazed sphaggetti with Gino which he shares with the others and they have a great time. This happy ending enrages Morcubus as he closes the episode.


  • This is the first episode in which not everyone in the main cast speaks
    • Only Morcubus, Poppy, Violet, and Gino speak.

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