(Actually called Episode #, the title is "Episiode" due to the wiki's inability to create a page with the symbol "#".) In this episode, Morcubus tkaes control of Violet, in an attempt to create more drama.


Morcubus begins the episode by entering Violet's body. In her body, he is invited by Poppy to help her water plants. After watering her plants for several hours, he leaves out of boredom, leaving Poppy sad. Then he runs into Elmira who bugs him by gloating about how if their situaton was a show, she would be the star. After leaving her out of anger, he meets up with Hopper who scares him out of Violet's body due to his hyperness. After exiting her body he ends the show.


  • This is the second episode in which only 4 people speak, the first being Episode @.
    • These four are Morcubus, Poppy, Elmira, and Violet.

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